Renata Drössler is one of the increasingly brighter shining stars of European chanson. 

Her mature and emotional display hypnotises the audience. Her electrifying expression is the wonderful unification of her singing, text comprehension and theatricality. 

More than 3 million people have heard her live in her thirty-year career. 

She has performed over 1000 of her own performances, as well as over 3500 reprises of the iconic Czech musical Dracula. 

She sells out halls 

She sings in 10 languages 

She has released 4 CDs 

Journalists gave her the nicknames “the Black Butterfly of Czech Chanson” or “Czech Marlene Dietrich” 

Outside the Czech Republic and Poland, she has performed in Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, and India. 

She works to the bone and we guarantee that her performance will level you. 

Life is about emotions.