Renata Drössler sings Chopin

This website has been created for promoters that want to organise Chopin's performance by Renata Drössler. 

Frédérick Chopin is the Mozart of the 19th century. A French-Polish idol worshiped by the whole world.  

And I kissed him, like the prince kissed Snow White in her crystal coffin, and brought his genius to the world today.  

The Enfant terrible of the 19th century. A bon vivant, braggart, showman, phenomenal composer who liked to ridicule his adversaries. He loved women (even other peoples’), luxury, wasting money, he owed, lived. And composed.  

He gave the world the unbelievable fortune of his compositions. The world, however, pigeonholed him into a marble sarcophagus of 19th century Romanticism. So he was too far away for people who like music.  

When I was sixteen years old, I knew I wanted to be a singer. And that I wanted to sing Chopin, but he didn’t compose chansons. I, however, heard them in his work. When I was thirty, I knew I was on the right path. I spent 11 months listening to everything he ever composed.  

A chanson, unlike a symphony, needs a simple melodic line. I listened to Chopin’s compositions day and night. While driving, cleaning, cooking, exercising. I found 14 compositions that I knew could be made into modern songs.  

With brazen humility, I picked the cherries from his symphonic cake, picked out the melodic treasures and let them inspire the best lyricists and arrangers I knew.  Is it a disgrace to genius? Chopin was Polish (I hope the French will forgive me). I am Polish. So what?  

We went to the limit. We wanted to bring him to today’s people. Inspired by genius. Will they like it?  

Chopin is neither marble nor bronze. He is a great composer. And I wanted to bring him closer even to people who do not normally listen to classical music.  

Anyone who has ever created something knows how difficult it is to go out on a limb. With my heart in my mouth, I went to the 40th Chopin festival in Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic, with the project “Frederyk, my love”. The enthusiastic acceptance of my project from the demanding Mariánské Lázně audience astounded me. It works!  

I offer you 18 beautiful songs. 4 are interpretations of Chopin’s original compositions. The rest is the inspiration.  

Bring the new Chopin to your audience. One that all people will understand and take for their own!